Claire's Knee ★★★★

"Solitude not only satisfies me, I even enjoy it. Right now, it's my greatest pleasure. And you say one should live according to ones pleasure."

KD and I decided to choose a movie of Rohmer for our 100th film together, because we both have a penchant for his films. This movie has touched us a little less than the others we have already seen of him together. Probably mainly because it was difficult for both of us to empathize with the thoughts and ideas of the main character.
For the rest, of course, Rohmer's work is great again. The beautiful images of Annecy and its well-chosen mansion on the waterfront, the red-blue/green colour palette and of course the thoughtful conversations. Finally, a nice plus are the "strong" characters in this movie, who don't let themselves be deterred by a good debate, which makes for nice and funny scenes.

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