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  • The Thing


  • Parasite


  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


  • Midsommar


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  • Joker



    Excellent acting by Phoenix but derivative and typical Hollywood distortion of class and social division.

  • Angel Town

    Angel Town


    This is an underrated b-movie Classic. From the opening sex scene in a graveyard, the most tedious car chase scenes throughout the film where they weirdly just keep doing u turns, and the outrageously stereotyped portrayal of Latino as mindless gangbangers who live in derelict buses. 

    So many questions; why does the gangleader carry a tiny gun but no one else has a gun till later, why would such a badass gang devote their entire life to bully one dork…

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  • Panther Squad

    Panther Squad


    “If you wanna fight, fight. Don’t talk!”

    This will always be the film that I remember sparked my love of b-movies. I used to watch this with friends  and roll around laughing at just how nonsensical the plot was and how atrocious the acting and fighting were. 

    I prob wouldn’t recommend this to someone starting into grindhouse as it is pretty boring and badly produced. 

    I just remember some of the fight scenes like I swear there is a scene…