Halloween ★★★★½

“He’s waited for me. I’ve waited for him.”

This is just so fucking good and I'm convinced more than ever that people just don't want to enjoy things!

Not as grizzly and gritty as the first, but close to the original in terms of fear factor and spine-tingling shots. Then packed with homages on top of homages that serve the narrative well and were immensely enjoyable for a long-time fan of the franchise like me.

Major girl power vibes bringing Jamie Curtis, Judy Greer and Andi Matichak together to take on the big bad. Can't wait to see how the women and their stories develop over this trilogy.

Brutal and graphic 30 minutes in and never lets up. The perfect blend of terror and violence. Can't help but think this is what Rob Zombie tried to capture in the 2000s, but fell short of in the eyes of many franchise fans. (Although I do enjoy both of his installments, neither would make top 3 for me).

At the end of the day, this one doesn't top the iconic H20 in terms of a sequel, but this would easily land in the top 3 films of the franchise (for now).

Cannot wait for these follow-up films 🎃🔪

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