Bamboozled ★★★★★

Well, my mind is blown and that is a statement I don't take lightly. If you thought Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X were multifaceted works then boy this film is like fifty steps above. There are so many multifaceted perspectives in this that it staggers the human mind.

A satire of the meaning of satire itself while simultaneously operating as an absolute takedown and exposure of the themes Spike has been tackling in his career. The cinematography truly makes you feel uncomfortable but in the most glorious way possible, unnerving you until you feel like blacking out.

Every shot has so much detail, nothing is wasted and if you took anything out the film would come crashing down. Genuinely one of the most audacious, weirdest films ever made and Spike Lee has achieved something that most people wouldn't even dream of doing in their entire life.

Just when you think this man has reached his limit he comes out with this, I don't even know why he even bothered making another movie after this, how could you top this.

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