Southland Tales ★★★★★

What a special experience watching this with a close friend of mine who liked it almost as much as I did. A dreamy, over stimulating godsend of a film that uses various schools of filmmaking and melds it into a kaleidoscope of beauty. All the character are pawns yet there's no doubt that these are all humans with flaws and this is injected into the electricity of each scene. Even if you don't catch every aspect of the story Kelly injects a spiritual kinetic force into the film that allows you to feel what's happening rather than knowing. With all its satirical jabs, philosophical musings and high concepts there's a feeling of euphoria and love especially felt in the films climax.

A poetic dance takes place where each character forgives each other and makes amends before the world comes to its timely demise. It never gives in to the inherent cynicism of the world ending but looks for ways to find some understanding and compassion within the madness. Some people will look at this and misunderstand (just like Frost's reaction to this event) but for those who are willing to take the journey along with Kelly the opportunities are boundless and completely opens you up to new found realisations and new forms of art.

I have to thank Kelly for breaking my preconceptions of what art should be, appreciating a film it on its own terms, not having a criteria that all films should follow and having a clear sense of what my film tastes actually are. This has made my relationship with art so much more fruitful and I will never take that for granted.

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