Southland Tales ★★★★★

When you finish Southland Tales a lot can go through your mind. Things such as Mobys soundtrack, two cars fucking, Justin Timberlake talking about revelations and then assassinating people, The Rock going from melodramatic action star to free-spirited saviour, Cock Chuggin 2, a woman yelling "I want to suck your dick" on a crowded beach, some white boi constantly saying "dawg" all the time, SNL humour, the world ending, millennials taking the piss out of each other, post-ironic humour, mid musical number dream sequence, philosophical musings, war on terror, invasion of privacy, the confusing nature of politics, lots of chip eating, time portals, religious imagery, Donnie Darko Easter eggs, talks on the implications on being on the pill while travelling on a plane and to top it all off a short old man and a tall Asian woman in an intense sexual relationship. I can go on for eons but the one thing you should take away from Southland Tales is that TEEN HORNINESS IS NOT A CRIME.


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