Southland Tales ★★★★★

I feel like with this pandemic going on this film never spoke to me as it did on this viewing. The pure insanity, complexity and stupidity completely mirror what is happening right now. It's detached enough to be a hilarious satire but realistic enough to mirror our current confusing political climate. I see myself in each one of these characters, all their quirks and eccentricities resonate with me. Even though they are all biased, selfish and look out for themselves I find myself sharing some of these characters woes. There's a sense they all contribute to the whole in some way. When they all come together and dance at the end it's like they're finally settling their differences. Boxer finally gains self-confidence, Krysta puts value in things external to her, Madeline finally understands the worth of both Krysta and Boxer and uses it for positivity. This culminates in a transcendent sequence that feels like an out of body experience. Remove all the bullshit and you start to see what these peoples actual worth is. I love how the film progressively gets more idiotic yet smarter as things move along, perfectly reflecting the effect of the tidal generator on the intelligence of these characters.

The line between the time rift and earth become so blurred that the film gets increasingly more surreal and beautiful. The only way for reality to go on is to allow complete destruction. We are bringers of our demise and the film shows us this in every intricate step. I don't know how something so ugly and damning can be so elegant and transcendent. That's the interesting part of this film and life itself. We try everything in our will power to prevent absolute chaos from happening yet we put in on ourselves almost like there's a force pulling us towards it. Something tells me that the characters of Southland Tales had twenty years of absolute euphoria and this movie is the start of the bust period. Our world is going through a similar down period but we will make it through no matter how far away it seems. In Southland Tales case that will never happen for them which is a horrible thing to think about. This is what happens when things go absurdly out of control and I guess people in 2006 weren't ready for that damning possibility. We deserve to have a film that depicts our culture for what it is a bunch of nerds, A bunch of nerds who got off a boat in the 15th century and decided that sex was something to be ashamed of. All the Pilgrims did was ruin the American Indian orgy of freedom.

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