Southland Tales ★★★★★

Ok, I just need to stop lying to myself, grow up and realize that this is the greatest film ever made.

This interaction shows exactly why:

Boxer Santaros : [about Officer Taverner] Is he still alive?

Serpentine: In more ways than one.

Boxer Santaros: You made sure Taverner went through the time rift with me. Then you hit the SUV self-destruct trigger, by remote, which means I didn't kill myself.

Serpentine: You're a pimp. Pimps don't commit suicide.

Boxer Santaros: Oh, you got that right. And Roland Taverner and his twin brother... they're the same person, aren't they?

Serpentine: Two identical souls walking the face of the earth, coexisting in the same dominion of chaos. What will happen if they shake hands.

Boxer Santaros: The fourth dimension will collapse upon itself. You stupid bitch.

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