Hot Fuzz ★★★★★

The 4K print of The Cornetto Trilogy is worth every penny. The 5.1 audio mix for Hot Fuzz was a measurable difference from the DVD copy I have been feverishly rewatching since 2007. The HDR10 was an excellent inclusion, but the 5.1 is the main reason to buy the set.

Hot Fuzz is still the pinnacle of The Cornetto Trilogy; Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have never been better. Edgar Wright's sharp wit and musical style are all over this film. The whole package is gold, comedic gold. Hot Fuzz is my ride-or-die-desert-island film. I could watch this every day.

Olivia Coleman won an Oscar for The Favorite, but Hot Fuzz is my favorite portrayal from her.

The greater good.

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