The World's End ★★★★½

The 4K print, with HDR10 in full force, really added to the rich blue/green overtones in The World's End. The 5.1 audio track, overall, was pretty solid. A few strange mixing errors in the first act, but unrecognizable as the plot picks up. I was least impressed by this reprint, but it still looked gorgeous.

Wright and Pegg tried for years to get The World's End greenlit, and the finished product feels that way. It has an underlying cynical tone far less prevalent in the first two films. Addiction and loss are heavy themes compared to the buddy cop homage and comedic zombie film that preceded it. Seeing Pegg and Frost apart at the end of the trilogy, signaling the end of their friendship, is upsetting and unexpected.

Eddie Marsan steals this film. His drunk acting is hysterical.

Rosamund Pike was/is/will be a star for decades to come. She is excellent here. Easily the strongest female lead in the series, and I'll even throw Kristen Wiig's performance in Paul as competition. I know Gone Girl is her career highlight, but she deserves more praise for her comedic turns.

The 4K reprints are worth the price of admission, especially with them currently on sale at Best Buy. Grab your copy and enjoy!

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