Sunday Film Club: Ranked by Average Rating

Every weekend since June, 2020, myself, my partner (Lorna) and our friends, Amy and Jack (who are also partners and live together), have watched a film together. Of course, due to shitty COVID-19 this has not been done in person, but over Facebook Messenger. We've taken it in turns to pick a film, and watch it at the exact same time, while chatting about it on our phones.

Can't believe we've upheld this new tradition for such a long time, but that's the story of a year in which social interaction has been restricted so harshly.

Every 10 weeks or so, we've got together on Zoom and discussed each film, ultimately deciding on a rating out of ten; based on the average score calculated from our indiviudal ratings.

Here are the films we've watched...

[Ranked by mean average of the 4 participants' scores combined]