WWE Royal Rumble 2021 ★★★½

Had no idea you could review the rumble so you fkn beauty!!! Watched this with Timbo Crimp and that was lots of fun, I enjoy fun with friends. 

Very pleased with this show actually, haven’t watched a whole lot of dub dub recently so I didn’t have a whole lot of build to go off but it still delivered the goods.

Edge winning was pleasing even though Hunty spoiled the fucking result for me just as I was leaving to go watch it. (So angry)

Some nice returns on the night, in particular Carlito (Great to hear his theme song again)

Also nice to see a fresh face in Bianca Belair get a win in the women’s Rumble! 

I wonder who would win a Big 6 Royal Rumble ? Shame we’ll never know cause Tioney Tioneson never got the poles from Daylesford :(

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