Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 ★★

so funny that despite the decades of technological development that have occurred since the first Blade Runner, this movie is still hung up on science fiction’s most boring question: “CaN a MaChInE bE hUmAn?”

in a moment when the question of what a “machine” can be turns out to have startlingly flexible and abstract answers, we’re still letting these dullards blow $200 million to put their thinking caps on and wonder whether or not a sexy robot batting her eyelashes at you could, like, really mean it. these whatever science fiction efforts - Her, Ex Machina, this - are so out of touch that they fail to even evoke what is disorienting and alien about this technology in our actual day to day life. Amazon warehouses famously organize their shelves in a way that seems random and illegible to a human brain, but was deemed by an algorithm to be the most efficient way to sort them. Twitter users feeding memes to neural networks to generate automated body horror images are now a staple of social media. instead of finding visual inspiration in any of this, Villeneuve sources from the same dreary video game level design and Japan fetishists we’ve been looking at non-stop for 40 years. can we please take science fiction back from these normies

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