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  • I Carry You with Me

    I Carry You with Me


    this film hits me from the very first second... the dream of going back home... waking up in sweats realizing you can't go back - I have those dreams all the time... immediately all the feelings.... will another film ever again speak to me on a such a personal level?

  • The Underground Railroad

    The Underground Railroad


    Meticulous, moving and deliberate storytelling….and distinctly from Barry Jenkins.

    Of the actors the standout is Sheila Atim in her spotlight episode. She just raises the bar so much more.

    By telling the specific story of a few days in one woman’s life, the ep titled "Mabel" shows the everyday grind of what it means to live enslaved and the toll that takes on one’s humanity. All of it telegraphed brilliantly by Atim.

    have some reservations that I will expand on when / if I write about the show.

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