Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead

"Army of the Dead" is about a group of mercenaries who takes the ultimate gamble by venturing into the quarantine zone for the greatest heist ever.

"Zack Snyder" probably does... an okay job as a director who directs zombie film. I remember enjoying his remake of "Dawn of the Dead" when I was young, and I'm too lazy rewatching it as a teenager for a few reasons. So, I was kinda excited "Army of the Dead" because Snyder is back at making a zombie film and "Batista", but I feel like it's gonna be a fun but boring movie. And I was right.

The second half is easily the best part of this movie. A lot of people love duds killing a lot of zombies in a fun and brutal way. And if you're looking for a fun and gory-ass zombie film, this is probably your movie, cause the second half has a lot of awesome and gory but satisfying zombie moments that are very entertaining to watch, and that tiger scene is absolutely lit. The opening credits are also the best part of this movie, and it's like if "Zombieland" and "Watchmen" had a baby. The song choice and the perfect synchronized shit make this enjoyable, and it might be one of the best opening credits for a zombie movie. And some of the performances are pretty average, especially Batista's performance.

But, when it comes to the story, writing, all that shit, it makes this even worse and forgettable. This movie probably has one of the worst cinematography I've ever seen. Some scenes are translucent like you can see blurriness either in the whole shot or in the background, and you can't even tell what the actual fuck is going on. And it has some messy and incomprehensible editing and awful color grading. My biggest issue is the 2 1/2 hour runtime, which is waaaaaaay too long for a zombie movie. And while watching this long-ass movie, I easily get bored at most aspects of it. Snyder tries to add emotional content in his film, mostly because he wants to make the characters more interesting, and his attempt doesn't work because I found one of them very simple and lame. And he also adds some cheesy slow-mo, which he likes to put in his movies. There are some scenes that felt quick or stretched out. There are also some scenes that have bad pacing or felt cringe. And there are some cliches, plot holes, dumb moments, and scenes that make you question it. The CGI and green screen looked very choppy. And almost everything in the screenplay is terrible and flat, especially the humor, which I noticed that some duds are praising it. For me, I found every single one of the unfunny. And some of them made me cringe, and some of them gave me a neutral face. Every single character is unimportant and lame. And some conversations felt terribly written.

Overall, despite the low rating, you should probably check this one out, especially if you're a zombie fan, because I feel like you're gonna enjoy this, mostly because of the action sequences, but for me, I found "Army of the Dead" a disappointing movie. And it's like Ocean 11 but in a zombie apocalypse with 25 percent of fun shit, and 75 percent of boring shit.

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