Avengers: Age of Ultron ★★½


just as regressive as i remember it being.

this movie is all about reproduction: ultron, vision, bruce and natasha, hawkeye's family. what makes bruce and natasha's relationship "hurdles" so egregious is that the main sticking point is the fact that they cannot have children like the hetero barton farmhouse (rip in advance for their eventual brutal murder in IF or Av4). in a movie series (now at 18 films) with no on screen lgbt+ characters (cut scenes don't count), it's amazing how many times this film comes back to the primacy of having children 'the proper way"--between a man and woman, married, or between thor and an infinity stone. women can exist outside of a "married to a man with children" paradigm. hey, some of us are even happy like that.

(the .5 is for julie deply)

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