Captain America: Civil War ★★★★½

Epic. So much groundwork has been laid up until this point to set up this EPIC showdown and this film alone masterfully sets up Black Panther and Spider Man, so they truly fit into the mix seamlessly.
Also, this villain?! He should apply to Thanos’ summer internship and learn how to develop that tragic and emotionally intelligent evil pragmatism to cosmic levels. And thank goodness Hydra wasn’t popping another one of its heads up in this Cap film- been there, done that big time.
Some tiny critiques: 1. Ant Man was attacking to kill... not cool man, not cool. 2. The slow nod from Sam and Bucky when Cap smirks at his bros after smooching Peggy’s niece... *sigh.*
Despite being a true downer, this magnificent phase three kick off is truly a blast (I’m still smiling from any and all Spider Man scenes).