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This review may contain spoilers.

The medical depth and character dynamics of Grey’s Anatomy combine with the appropriation and spiritualism of Avatar the Last Airbender to create a film with a fun plot but no chemistry amongst the surprisingly diverse cast.
The humor fell flat but Tilda’s sorcery sequences and Dr Strange’s overall arc (damn was he a total dick for so much of the film) makes this film a fun time and most exciting in terms of what it means for the rest of the MCU.
Rachel McAdams is so much better than this film and her role in it, who was really “night nurse” in the comics so at least being a doctor(?) who can use and AED is a bit more feminist(?)
The energy of the film was a mix of dark-drama, flashes of failed Guardians-style pace and humor and  several Oscar worthy performances from the perfectly American accented Cumberbatch.
On a final good note: the cape is fascinating and badass... truly the best sidekick in the MCU (sorry Groot, Sam and Rhodes).