Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 ★★★

Some fun stuff- a wedding, so much polyjuice potion and an animated kid’s story! Some dark stuff- Hermonie’s got a new tatt (“mudblood” in Bella’s handwriting) and Dobby’s body will surely pop through that “proper” sand mound of a grave. Some slow moving emotional plot points- sitting in the cold, dancing in the cold, being angry in the cold.  
I definitely cried the first and second time I watched this. Maybe it’s the Harry Potter slow moving marathon fatigue or the fact that I remember reading this and being far more captivated than this honestly well paced setup to a action packed ending but... the best part was definitely the ministry mischief and that was over within 30 minutes. I’m just waiting for more Snape screen time in part two.