Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ★★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Hands down the funniest of all of the Harry Potter films (Harry on liquid luck gets me every time) and the darkest so far in the series. How was this only rated PG? This film is wonderfully balanced in tone, pacing and the scope of the central plot amidst the larger set up for the final arc in the series. Dumbledore was at his best with his humor, sage wisdom and power. Slughorn was a delight in all contexts, especially during Aragog’s eulogy. Tom Felton really gave a compelling performance as Draco, beyond the school bully from the first 5 films. The new young Tom Riddles were spooky and a breath of fresh evil air in this break from Voldemort. The only critique: Ginny and Harry’s relationship was not nearly as developed as it could have been. Overall, Half-Blood Prince is a captivating and emotion evoking watch that sets up the final films wonderfully.