Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

The BEST Spider-Man film of all time. Truly the best villain in the MCU to date, a scale that fit the stakes of where Peter was at developmentally in becoming a hero, killer performances from every character, and TOM HOLLAND.
I cannot express the joy this film has brought ne every time I watch this charming and truly moving film. 
Upon my 7the rewatch I can note the imperfections: the music (super Star Wars-y), Liz actually being a 30 year old woman, and men saying some creepy shit every once in awhile (ie suggestive comments made about people’s daughters).
BUT, the overall pacing, composition, plot, performances, and (most notably) Marisa Tomei’s hotness make this film the absolute highest quality MCU story/film/hero to date.