• The Muppet Christmas Carol

    The Muppet Christmas Carol

    None of my kids had ever seen this and I would consider that child abuse. When the tiny tim reveal and scrooge headstone reveal happened you could hear a pin drop in that room full of 10 year olds. Magic.

  • Home Sweet Home Alone

    Home Sweet Home Alone

    One of my kids gasped loudly and I asked if she was okay and she immediately yelled “IT’S KIMMY SCHMIDT!” so my fourth graders really enjoyed it. As bad as the original but apparently we’re not allowed to say that yet.

  • Four Christmases

    Four Christmases

    Hey, that’s my family! I am sure one day I’ll have to make these rounds and it’ll turn out roughly like this. Except mine will be significantly less lighthearted and silly. Great Christmas movie!

  • Free Birds

    Free Birds

    My kids at work watched this for our Thanksgiving movie day. They were enthralled, I was genuinely perplexed. VERY gay. Daniel's theory that they were absolutely stoned when creating this plot was absolutely on the money.

  • 21 Jump Street

    21 Jump Street

    My mommy thinks it’s funny!

  • All Too Well: The Short Film

    All Too Well: The Short Film

    Jake Gyllenhaal I will personally destroy you.

  • Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

    Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

    This is actually the saddest film of all time. Cinema. Everyone say “thank you Daniel” for watching it with me after we decorated our Christmas tree

  • Willow


    LOTR and Willow are just that spider-man pointing meme, from book to film. I miss movies that took a passionate village

  • Letters to Juliet

    Letters to Juliet

    What more do you want from an American’s view of Italy huh? Is it not enough to reference Shakespeare and visit vineyards and find long lost love? I think you’re all no fun.

  • After We Fell

    After We Fell

    Just goes to show that 11 year old me had ZERO business reading smut fics. Couldn’t even choose a good one smh. 

    Fifty Shades Lite is worse than the previous two, but only because at this point Anna Todd knew she could just write “and then” stories and we’d read them. And good for her. I will continue watching this series for as long as I get notified when they drop.

  • Free Guy

    Free Guy

    Forgot to log this bc I was too busy talking about it to anyone that would listen. Ambudkar deserves big roles. Just a gd delight

  • While You Were Sleeping

    While You Were Sleeping

    This and Moonstruck are PERFECT films. Exactly on the same silly good wavelength. I literally weeped