Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

There are some really good parts and then there are some really good parts.

Tarantino shows us Hollywood satire at its finest along with the meta feel of current Hollywood big shots like Brad Pitt and Leo DiCap playing Hollywood big shots. Their chemistry is flawless, and that is not a given just because they're legendary actors in 2019. There seems to be a mutual respect and comradery between them which is highly appreciated. 

Extra points for Brad without a shirt looking stellar as always and Leo for really nailing the portrayal of a crying, messy actor (no yacht to be seen here). 

For me the best parts of this film though are the pace and storytelling. The latter part is obviously a given within the world of Tarantino, but this film raises the bar high in the "how to entertain the audience for more than two hours and not lose track of the story"- concept. It's just so so so entertaining! 

The cinematography along with  the music especially  create this fascinating world within Tarantino's realm where everything feels real and palpable -- and bearing in mind the actual historical events taking place at the time, one can only sit down and enjoy the "Hollywood Hills Choo Choo train" Tarantino embarks us on.
(Somehow I imagine him with a funny Hawaiian shirt, a notepad and a megaphone explaining to us the mysteries that went on in Hollywood during that era).

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