A Subconscious Stream ★★★★★

Watch it here.

Signor Hayes has a remarkable aptitude for organization, most explicit in A Subconscious Stream (that's this one) & its preceding companion piece A Dream Is a Life Lived and Lost, which are 'compilations' of maybe a dozen-ish shorts each. I quote compilations as while each is a series of previously released shorts, the result is more than a simple/rudimentary/mindless stringing together of prior shorts: they were designed to fit together like this. They build on each other. Conversely, some dissipate past bits' rumination in favor of experiments with form, function, & fascination with what is presently being captured, manipulated, & presented.

I greatly implore you reading to watch this 65 minute film. It took me into its worlds with incontrovertible ease & made the time spent there unlike any other any place else. I will be rewatching & rereviewing this in the future as this thing just gripped me tight, man, shit.