Possessor ★★★★★

What if we have the 2020 Academy Awards and the best picture competition is basically Possessor, First Cow, and War with Grandpa?

Man, I loved this movie and i'm not exactly proud of the way I loved it: I want to watch a new franchise of Possessor flicks. I want to watch a series of assassin flicks that go deep into the challenges of each possession.

I was really hooked by the idea and execution, I didn't really wanna leave that corpus for the whole third act of identity and ownership. Great performances and even better elision of technical explanation to make the whole thing move fluidly -- I don't think Papa Cronenberg does that very well (thinking of all the exposition in eXistenZ), and it's a real treat here. Cronenberg just lets the clean abstract textures and objects move our imagination into the space it needs to be in.

There's a lot of little touches that are really rewarding and work to cement the overall concept of the film -- enough that i know a repeat viewing would be really enriching. I love how Tasya avoids using the gun, instead opting for a more visceral and sensual killing style -- it's how she can push reality into the virtual world. Little jokes, like Eva's dad entertaining friends with Walter Benjamin anecdotes in a film all about human copies.

Anyway, five fucking meows, pull me out!

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