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  • Departures



    I’m just glad he kept playing the cello.

    Warm, quirky, wholesome, a nice way of spending a bus ride.

  • Moana



    You know what, it was actually pretty good.

    If only it didn’t have so many “LOOK WE KNOW ITS A Disney Princess (TM) MOVIE” jokes, it’d be perfect

    +💙 for the Godzilla cameo (?)

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  • Are you lost in the world like me?
  • Vagabond



    Everybody seems to have plans for Mona. Work on this, do that, live over there, never genuinely caring. They offer her pity instead of empathy, sometimes even jealous of her freedom.

    I’ve been thinking about the farmer and his final thoughts on Mona

    “By proving she’s useless, she’s helping the system she’s rejecting.”

    Except, from my point of view, settling down and turning passive is probably an even worse way to fight, ever the centrist, he’s looking to assimilate rather…