Assassination Nation ★★★

I wish I could say I'm surprised at the polarity this film seems to get, but I'm not in the least surprised. Most seem focused on the fact that it was written and directed by a guy and is about teen girls and the problems they face. What do guys know about the problems teen girls face? Probably not as much as they think they do, but the majority of such films are written and/or directed by guys so take it for what it is. What is strange is that it seems a lot of people agree with the message but just hate it came from a guy and not a woman.

The message of the movie takes it to extremes which did annoy me at times. Everything that happens before the last act starts to kick in started to feel like it was being dragged out. It has been played out in many films before, but at the same time, I get why it was since there are more than one storylines being played out. I was starting to lose interest in what was going on once the main character Lily gets kicked out of her parents' house over "sexy" pictures. It wasn't the movie's fault that I started to lose interest, more of being annoyed by the actions of the characters. Once the last act kicks in, it became interesting again to me. I was annoyed but also liking how extreme things got in that last act. I ended up with kind of a love/hate relationship with this movie but overall I liked it.

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