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  • Lynx Reel

    Lynx Reel


    crying over this. loved how it started with a long shot of a little misty-eyed child, loved its each and every frame following it, loved how the song (sound in general) is so fragile not in the sense of its tone but of that its volume's being turned up and down occasionally (don't know if it's technical insufficiency or a choice but it's of no importance to the result obviously), loved the bright purple sunshine coming through the window. it literally caressed me with its existence

  • Zocalo



    this made my anxiety go away

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  • The Amazonian Angel

    The Amazonian Angel


    god created the universe in the way this film is made

  • Sacré-Coeur



    no idea how it is possible that even paving stones teo hernandez shoots have the potential to reduce me to tears. what he chooses to film, how he frames them, everything felt so right about this film. interesting, having seen his feature films, it is now that I am sure that he is the one I love the most among those great names in the history of cinema