Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending ★★

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Jupiter Ascending is unrepentantly goofy and that wouldn’t be a negative if the story wasn’t told in such a messy, unnecessarily convoluted way. In a number of ways the opening scenes are very much reminiscent of The Matrix. It tries to maintain an element of mystery as to the how and why of what is happening. By the time they try to fill the audience in on the gaps, the story has already inundated the audience with a bunch of flashy CGI and very confusing exposition. It’s very much in line with practically all post-Matrix film by the Wachowskis – it’s too big for its own good. But unlike the Wachowski’s other films, Jupiter Ascending has very little to say about anything. While it’s certainly easy to see the film a critique of capitalism, it lacks any bite or wit to its commentary. It’s like a fan fiction crossover of The Matrix and Soylent Green. And though that may sound cool, it isn’t.

There’s no greater shortcoming in Jupiter Ascending than the character of Jupiter Jones itself. Not only do they give the character little depth or purpose by simply making her the chosen one, ordained by birth. Even as the film progresses she’s really nothing more than a damsel in distress. Jupiter must be saved by Channing the Dog-Faced Boy on numerous occasions. This made all the worst by having her character be extremely gullible. She trust everyone, including characters that are just short of looking her directly in the eyes and screaming, “I’m a villain!” Her gullibility knows no bounds. Earlier in the film when she’s arranging to sell her eggs, she just blindly agrees that her cousin will get $10,000 while she only gets $5,000. Maybe, just maybe, this an attempt to comment on wage disparity, yet it makes such little sense on every level that it undermines whatever point they may be trying to make.