• Turbulence


    What starts off as a fairly typical disaster-drama film, soon turns into a rollercoaster of crazy, all due to Ray Liotta's superb performance. I think his normal/crazy switch is almost as good as Nicolas Cage's.

    This is not a deep film, but you can see the cast had fun with what they got, and there is a lot to enjoy here if you like fun popcorn flicks.

  • Leprechaun: Origins

    Leprechaun: Origins

    If you're a fan of the Leprechaun series, this entry will offend you. If you're not, then it will bore you.

    It has no connection with the series, so this was undoubtedly just a marketing ploy, as without that title, this would disappear in the pile of generic monster movies very quickly.

    Once you forget about the title, this is a generic cabin/woods/young adults/monster tale. The monster design is terrible, although if I had to find a positive, the movie…

  • Unhinged


    This wasn't terrible by any means and despite it not having any particular glaring problems - it is just dull. The initial set-up, while hardly original, is decent enough. The protagonists are your typical cliched victims & villains.

    They try to go for a slow burn story, but because the overall plot is just not that interesting, it all turns into a boring affair, mixed with occasional flashes of violence - which, even as a big slasher fan - were tedious.…

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    There's not much to say about The Thing that hasn't already been said.

    This is THE benchmark when it comes to sci-fi horror. Solid acting, an atmospheric setting and absolutely superb practical special effects that still put modern high-budget films to shame.

  • Hunting Grounds

    Hunting Grounds

    A bit too much family drama and not enough Sasquatch for my taste. However this is not terrible if monster movies are your thing.

  • Annabelle Comes Home

    Annabelle Comes Home


    Considering how good Conjuring 1 & 2 are, the spin-offs all seem to suffer from a curse of mediocrity.

    The first Annabelle movie was just dismal in every way. The sequel/prequel I thought was rather good. It had an interesting premise, a great location and was a pretty solid origin story. It also tied in with the first movie very well.

    Annabelle Comes Home falls somewhere in the middle. It is not terrible - and worth a watch if you like…

  • Halloween



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    When I first saw this in the cinema, I overall enjoyed it. A few things bugged me (the Dr Sartain arc), but I thought it was one of the better entries into the series.

    Now, after having watched it a few times, my opinion of it has gone up (bumped up by another half star accordingly) - this is an excellent Halloween sequel.

    What previously bugged me - the Dr Sartain story arc - I think is a good twist,…

  • Run, Hide, Die

    Run, Hide, Die

    This is just terrible. It's not even "so bad it's good", it's just plain bad. The characters make you hate them from the moment they open their mouths. Nothing happens for the first 40 minutes aside from a ton of lesbian innuendo and dialogue dredged up from the bowels of cringe-filled teen "dank" facebook posts.

    And when things do start happening, you hope they all die instantly so the movie will end.

  • Chemical Peel

    Chemical Peel

    This could have been a good survival horror film. The overall premise & setup is interesting, but unfortunately the cringe-filled dialogue and below par acting soon rear their ugly heads.

    There's a decent amount of gore & practical effects on display but sadly it is not enough to rescue Chemical Peel.

  • Nymph


    I will say I didn't have too many expectations from this - but in the end, this is a fun monster film. The overall story is good, and aside from a bit too much melodrama between the characters and a bit of questionable line delivery, it kept me entertained.

    Some of the CGI didn't look great (in my opinion, if it wasn't lit so brightly, it would have come across a lot better), but it was serviceable - on the…

  • Unearthed


    A pretty run-of-the-mill monster movie. It had some potential as the story built, but ultimately it did not deliver.

    The moment the CGI effects kicked in everything went to pieces - you could see they wanted to create an interesting creature, but the budget just didn't allow it. The monster is seen in full view far too often, and due to poor scene blending it doesn't work at all. If they kept the monster in shadows it could have been much more effective.

  • Rawhead Rex

    Rawhead Rex

    Many horror fans dislike this movie, as does Clive Barker (Rex is based on one of his short stories) - but I think it's a very enjoyable monster flick. You can see they had a very small budget to work with, but this is a fun movie and the cast do well with what they were given.

    The monster design is of course one of the sticking points here, and while Rex does look physically imposing due to his size,…