metalbeast has written 4 reviews for films rated ★½ .

  • Sublime



    I watched this yesterday and gave it 2 out of 5, but it was bugging me, and I had to adjust my score to 1.5.

    The problem with Sublime is that it doesn't have anywhere near enough substance to carry it for the 113 minute runtime. The moment you work out what is actually happening, it just turns into an exercise of staring at the clock until the end.

    This is a psychological thriller with an interesting premise and set…

  • Unearthed


    A pretty run-of-the-mill monster movie. It had some potential as the story built, but ultimately it did not deliver.

    The moment the CGI effects kicked in everything went to pieces - you could see they wanted to create an interesting creature, but the budget just didn't allow it. The monster is seen in full view far too often, and due to poor scene blending it doesn't work at all. If they kept the monster in shadows it could have been much more effective.

  • Muck



    The plot is as thin as the girls wardrobe budget. There is very little story in Muck, which in some monster movies may be ok - but sadly there is little else to make up for it. Cheesy dialogue, bad acting, unlikeable characters & overly long sub-plots that lead nowhere.

    Despite a slasher/monster movie never being worse for wear by featuring nudity, at least 10 minutes of the running time is spent on slow motion shots of asses, navels & boobs and…

  • The Stepfather

    The Stepfather


    It's not a bad movie, it just lacks any personality of its own. It feels like a very 'by the numbers' thriller (I wouldn't call this horror, unlike the original).

    Sadly, the protagonist lacks all of the menace that Terry O'Quinn brought to the original role. None of the cast is bad per se, but it is all so very average.

    The biggest crime this remake commits is its mediocrity.