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  • The Reckoning

    The Reckoning

    I wanted to like this film so much. Dog Soldiers & The Descent are among my favourite horror films, and I regularly re-watch them.

    Sadly, this movie - while beautifully staged & shot - is a mess. The overall story is ok, but it stumbles in so many ways, and things that seem important are either left unresolved, or just teased without having any effect on the outcome and seem to serve as mere padding.

    In one scene particularly (involving the rack),…

  • Unhinged


    This wasn't terrible by any means and despite it not having any particular glaring problems - it is just dull. The initial set-up, while hardly original, is decent enough. The protagonists are your typical cliched victims & villains.

    They try to go for a slow burn story, but because the overall plot is just not that interesting, it all turns into a boring affair, mixed with occasional flashes of violence - which, even as a big slasher fan - were tedious.…