metalbeast has written 6 reviews for films rated ★★★½ .

  • Wrong Turn

    Wrong Turn


    When I watched the trailer for this reboot, I felt as I do with most horror reboots - disappointed. However after watching the movie, some of that disappointment went away, and it wasn't a bad movie after all. This definitely qualifies as a reboot rather than a remake, as it only takes the basic premise of the original, but takes it in new directions.

    I won't lie - the start wasn't great. The introduction to the characters quickly shows that…

  • The Hurricane Heist

    The Hurricane Heist


    While hardly a low budget movie (with a cost of $35 million), you can't help but be impressed by the number of practical effects in both real scale and miniature used here.

    I was honestly expecting a CGI fest, but instead we get treated to a mass of car wrecks, some very nice miniatures and great stunt work. When CGI is used, it does not detract from the rest of the scene, and is really done very well.

    The characters…

  • Turbulence


    What starts off as a fairly typical disaster-drama film, soon turns into a rollercoaster of crazy, all due to Ray Liotta's superb performance. I think his normal/crazy switch is almost as good as Nicolas Cage's.

    This is not a deep film, but you can see the cast had fun with what they got, and there is a lot to enjoy here if you like fun popcorn flicks.

  • Prophecy



    Eco-horror and monster-movies are some of my favourites. Here, we have a combination of the two - I really didn't need any other information to sell me on this.

    A great entry into the eco-horror genre, with very effective practical effects given the budget and particularly the time it was made in.

  • Annabelle: Creation

    Annabelle: Creation


    The difference between Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation is like night and day.

    I enjoyed the Conjuring movies, and wanted to watch Annabelle to see what they would do with the story - but it was such a disappointment. The worst thing a horror movie can do is be boring, and the first Annabelle was just that.

    Creation is a much more enjoyable movie, and while it still relies on jump scares, there are a few good moments in there, and…

  • Quarantine


    It's not a bad remake of REC - it's just a shame that it is a pointless one.