Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★

Listen, I’m super into “slice of life” movies where nothing really happens. I love Dazed and Confused, basically anything Richard Linklater, Burning, Inherent Vice, etc. So I don’t want to be hearing any of the “oh you’re just impatient” bullshit. There was a lot of this movie I really enjoyed. The humour was on point, the acting was fucking phenomenal, and the cinematography and set design were all immaculate. The opening and closing acts were great. However, the middle portion of this movie is rather boring. Nothing at all happened, and not in an interesting way unlike the aforementioned Linklater films. I don’t need to watch Brad Pitt driving around for 20 minutes. That doesn’t build character or progress plot. All that gets me is what music Tarantino likes. And I don’t need to know that. We don’t need Margot Robbie walking for 5 minutes. Her character has absolutely nothing to do in this movie and I’m not even sure why she was focused on at all. We don’t need to see the entire damn movie Leonardo Dicaprio is filming. If we got scenes of his acting process and the filmmaking aspect, then I’d talk different, but showing actual full scenes from a movie that has nothing to do with the rest of the movie is completely pointless. 

I get it, Tarantino loves 60s Hollywood. I think everyone got that by the 5 minute mark. But Jesus Christ show your love for the time period by making an actual movie and not just random shit that doesn’t mean anything whatsoever.

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