Burning ★★★★

burning has barely any clear direction throughout the whole 150 minutes of runtime. this could affect the amount of enjoyment you'll find watching it. still, it has a lot of interesting aspects to offer, which make this film to an actually good one. the presentation is excellent, memorable shots and a lot of great oners make this to a visually appealing experience. it never really feels like a certain genre and even though it sometimes had aspects of some, you never really could define it as one, but it still didn't feel without any focus or purpose most of the time. as the film progressed, events unfolded, characters developed and your investment rised. as a conclusion I'd simply call this a metaphor in feature film length, it used metaphors in a extremly clever way, sometimes even involved into the plot and the characters themselves would've been able to interpetate certain metaphors, not just the audience. they luckily never felt forced or too confusing, just put into the narrative pretty smooth and gave this film a clear theme.

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