Cruella ★★★★½

Disney’s version of The Devil Wears Prada (it’s co-written by Aline Brosh McKenna who did write The Devil Wears Prada) + I, Tonya (obviously, Craig Gillespie is the director) + Joker. I loved it! Cruella is the best &!darkest Disney live-action film by far. Emma Stone is devilishly brilliant as the title role in one of her best roles, she was a riot. Emma Thompson came so close to stealing the show away from her as she’s freaking perfect & goshdarn fantastic as Baroness. Joel Fry & Paul Walter Houser are wonderful, really loved their characters here. They were a joy to watch. So were the dogs but come on, Wink was the best out of all them. Easily, the MVP.

I did not expect this to be way funnier than I expected. It’s very funny. I laughed a lot given the dark themes. I like that Disney let Gillespie do his own thing and do it his way, his direction was as usual sharp & the writing was great. And of course, just like I, Tonya, I just love how self-aware it was. See? That’s Disney not controlling Gillespie, I like that. The soundtrack is 🔥🔥 as advertised, early frontrunner for “Best Soundtrack” on MV’s 2021 Awards Movies/TV Awards Lineup. Yo, the makeup/hair & costume design is amazing in this. I swear if the Oscars don’t nominate both of these categories from this movie…..

Yeah, this was fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of it. Emma Stone & Emma Thompson were simply marvelous in this along with the cast. Craig Gillespie’s direction. Nicholas Britell’s score was very good (I forgot to mention him, oh man sorry Nicholas). The soundtrack. Makeup & costume design. All of that, wonderful. Had a wonderful time.

Only criticism is my theater experience & that’s the usual parent bringing their kid & the kid starts screaming. Now, thankfully he didn’t do it throughout the entire movie but he started when the movie began and then a few more times in the last 30-40 minutes. For goodness sake, have respect for those who need their privacy and paid to watch their movie, man. TAKE YOUR KID OUTSIDE of the auditorium when he starts doing that nonsense, man. Freaking guy just stood there when he was about to take him out on one of those occasions while HE WAS SCREAMING!!! I’ll never understand why the heck employees don’t check in as often as they used to. It’s gotten worse every decade.

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