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  • The Deadly Affair

    The Deadly Affair


    Having just finished John le Carré's Call for the Dead (1961) the first George Smiley novel, which concerns an apparent suicide and its possible relation to an East German spy ring, operating in London post-WWII, I watched Sidney Lumet's The Deadly Affair (1966), last night, an adaptation of the novel, starring James Mason, Harry Andrews, Simone Signoret, Maximilian Schell, Harriet Andersson, Kenneth Haigh, Roy Kinnear, Leslie Sands, Corin Redgrave, Lynn Redgrave and Robert Flemyng; score by Quincy Jones, cinematography by…

  • Thesis



    Just finished watching/revisting this. It's been awhile since I saw it, and I'd have to say I found it very De Palma-esque (and Hitchcockian, of course). Quite suspenseful, voyeuristic, with lotsa McGuffins, misdirection, diversions and ambiguity going on. Fans of Hitch, De Palma, and films like Videodrome, Suspiria, Blue Velvet, Basic Instinct, Peeping Tom, Klute, Rear Window, Frenzy, Blow Out, Dressed to Kill, etc., should enjoy this. A very Ballardian vibe/undercurrent, zeroing in on the West's obsession with violence, and…

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  • The Island

    The Island


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Gotta say I loved this depsite the mostly mixed to negative reviews I've read.

    With Exploited closing up shop, I've been picking up films that I was on the fence about, and Michael Ritchie's THE ISLAND (1980), a Universal film released in an anamorphic R2 PAL 2.35:1 transfer is one blind purchase I'm glad I made.

    A gorgeous looking film - shot on location by cinematographer Henri Decaë in NYC, Antigua and the Bahamas - based on Peter Benchley's novel,…

  • The Atrocity Exhibition

    The Atrocity Exhibition


    Besides David Cronenberg's CRASH, there is Jonathan Weiss' excellent THE ATROCITY EXHIBITION, on which Ballard provided a commentary track and said it was his favorite filmed version of any of his works.

    some interesting trivia about Ballard from imdb.com


    Studied medicine at Cambridge but never practiced; studied English for a year at London University; joined the Royal Air Force.

    His novel "Crash" (1973) was rejected by a publishing house reader who wrote, "This author is beyond psychiatric help. Do…