Blindspotting ★★★★½

There are always tons of movies I've seen that I haven't gotten around to logging/reviewing on Letterboxd, but after watching "Blindspotting" today I went back to take care of adding "Sorry to Bother You" and "BlackKKlansman", since I watched all three of these ambitious, acclaimed 2018 movies that explore the adversity faced by black men in America within the same two-week span here in November. They're all at least partly comedies, but also get up in your face about racial tensions, the insidious damage caused by privileged white men, and the different paths taken by African American people trying to cope with living in this dangerous world. Not that it's any sort of competition but for sorting purposes, I kind of liked "Sorry to Bother You", really liked "BlackKKlansman", and simply love "Blindspotting".

Though the least known of the bunch, it packs the strongest punches and purest composition. It mixes raw nerve exuberance with honest storytelling (never ending up quite where you expect it to yet always respecting the characters and its own reality), beautiful acting (I wasn't aware of co-writer/star Daveed "Tony winner for 'Hamilton'" Diggs until now, but wow. Wow! Same goes for his co-writer/co-star friend Rafael Casal), and many brilliant little dramatic crescendos. It finds an exact harmony in alternating between subtle expression, naturalistic style and bold impressionistic moves (like the dream sequences and a certain rapping scene). Running a succinct 95 minutes, it doesn't lag, it doesn't rush, the pacing is just right for a near-perfect story of the human condition, in this case that of a black guy and a white guy living out in urban Oakland. Sounds like nothing special, but it may be the wisest and most emotionally fulsome movie I've seen all year.

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