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  • Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the Movie Palace

    Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the Movie Palace


    Dry, dry, dry. Felt like it was made for educational institutions, something you’d watch in history class, or ARCH 1001. April Wright had no voice, no style - this could have been made by anyone. Didn’t care for the 3D photo editing.

    However! Felt pretty comprehensive, and covered a vast amount of movie theater history. Great to see all the images, interesting to see what some of them turned into. The CVS is particularly creepy. Multiplexes were briskly skipped over, and while they aren’t palaces by any means, ignoring a recent entry of the story isn’t fair. 

    Stuffy, yet informative.

  • Mallrats



    Man, I’ve really been sleeping on Kevin Smith movies. It’s time to dive in, I feel like he could slowly move into my favorites, I really like his style and wit and writing.

    I saw a Jasper Mall review that suggested pairing this and Jasper together for a double feature, and after watching this (all the way through for the first time) I have to agree it’s a brilliant idea.

    It’s rare that I laugh out loud, but I was actually rewinding bits to catch them again. It’s wordy and quick and so fucking funny. I guess my 2021 is the year of stoner bro comedies.

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  • Jasper Mall

    Jasper Mall


    A melancholic doc, perfect viewing for the Sunday Scaries.

    Why do we love dying malls? Why are we obsessed with closed down theme parks and empty spaces? Why do people shit on floors in public restrooms?

    So many likable weirdos populate Jasper Mall, from the Aussie maintenance man, to the awkward high school couple, to the hairdresser with dreams of NYC.

    Really beautiful camerawork shows the yin yang of finding beauty in the mundane, and Whitcomb frames his subjects nicely…

  • Caveat



    A bit over-ambitious, with a lot of great elements that don’t necessarily blend together well.

    The supernatural stuff was my least favorite (unexplained and making it less realistic), but I loved the cat and mouse chase in the Creepy Old House, and McCarthy’s use of light and darkness was sickening, conjuring up deep, in the gut dread. Dark doorways and hallways have never made me skeeve out more.

    If even one of the subplots had been cut, I probably would…