Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

This film was like a warm hug from Quentin himself, reminding us that when Hollywood was a dream it was chrome and fluorescent, it was hippies and movie stars out in their pool, memorizing lines. While love letter movies can get tedious, not so with this one, despite having a hefty run time. DiCaprio and Pitt help this of course, their chemistry and characterization fuel this film: both when they are together on screen just watching a new Rick Dalton FBI special, or separate - either on set forgetting lines or interrogating the Manson girls. 

Here, in this film, is the beauty of Tarantino, aging like a fine wine: the diaglouge is organic, the comedy is sharp, and the action - when earned - is hilarious in all the ways we’ve come to know and love from Quentin. 

Some of the best scenes in this film however aren’t “events” or action moments. They come when the characters are watching themselves on screen, whether it be Sharon Tate with her feet up on the seats smiling when she gets applause from the crowd or Rick Dalton getting his “big FBI moment.”

This film will definitely not please everyone. It’s a film that speaks directly to actors, and those in the business of acting or directing or producing. It’s a beautiful character study and a glimpse into the later years of Hollywood’s golden era. Watch it more than once. You’ll miss spending time with these characters.

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