Shiva Baby

Shiva Baby ★★★★★

What an absolute gem of a movie! I had anxiety during most of this, and afterward I legit had to go outside and just feel some fresh hair and take some deep breaths. I mean FUCK. What a crazy family. What an insane way to tell this story, with all the different filmmaking techniques that really make you feel the anxiety. From the cinematography to the score, you feel the walls closing in and the air literally suck out of the room. 

I don’t come from a Jewish family, but I do come from a very Italian one, and we definitely partake in the same level of gossip and guilt. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been ushered through family events events, being prodded and poked and interrogated about if I had met a girl yet, why I hadn’t gotten better grades, why I wasn’t a super famous singer yet and taking care of the family. Lmao, imagine what happened after I came out and dropped out of school. HOO BOY, those events were a ball. 

So this definitely resonated with me. I completely understood the level of panic and helplessness you feel around those whose only pleasure seems to judge you and make you feel like you aren’t worthy to carry the family name. The movie manages to capture all of that, while also being super hilarious and witty, and also really sweet and tender in some moments. 

It’s definitely one of my favorite films of this year, and I truly hope it gets some awards recognition in the upcoming year, because it really deserves it!

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