Burning ★★★★

I watched Wong Kar Wai's Happy Together last night and felt an almost-tangible emotional connection to the main characters. It was so (sur)real, that I felt my stomach tug and my legs cramp in anxiety whenever the emotional highs occurred in the movie. I can't help but feel that I was supposed to experience the same with Burning, but I didn't.

Burning is a beautiful, poignant, fragile film, that is so delicate in its storytelling that you feel any disturbance or mistake in cinematography or score would destroy everything. Lee Chang-dong walks this delicate line beautifully; but there's little passion in the movie - on both the filmmaker and the characters' parts. I understand a subdued, gentle approach - one that culminates in a startling finale a la Yorgos Lanthimos - but Burning didn't quite manage to latch me on with its quiet.