Blindspotting ★★★★★

What if Do The Right Thing, La Haine and Friday had a Dragonball Z type fusion? You'd get Blindspotting!!

This film says so much more about identity, race, friendship, gentrification, crime, police brutality, gun control and the prison system - all in under 90 minutes!! A lesser film convinced of its self importance would have given empty platitudes and surface readings to these issues!

The rapping in Blindspotting might throw some viewers off, but its integral to the setting, to the characters, and to create the tension needed in scenes.

Tension aside, this IS a hilarious movie - again, think of the stoner/buddy comedy laid back vibe present in Friday! This never comes across as a clash of tones, due to great performances, pacing and editing - because life can be funny, scary, exciting and brutal!

I love movies like these that spark uncomfortable conversations, that touch places we'd rather not want touched, that fill us with such catharsis that we immediately wanna do something about this messy state we're in.

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