Michal Miexriir

Michal Miexriir


I rate too many things 4 stars but that’s only because I exclusively watch good movies 
(except for when I don’t)

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  • A Goofy Movie

    A Goofy Movie


    Last week I realized I watched two Amy Adams movies in a row and I was like “what if I watched every Amy Adams movie back to back” and then when I was about to rent The Master I remembered A Goofy Movie was on Disney Plus so I watched that instead!

  • Catch Me If You Can

    Catch Me If You Can


    This score is the perfect blend of pink panther meets fairytale and that’s what makes it the best Christmas movie ever made!!!

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  • The Cheetah Girls 2

    The Cheetah Girls 2


    Anyone else ever think about marisol’s iconic half jeans half jorts look every second of every day or just me

  • Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical

    Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical

    everyone hating on this needs to take a bite of strawberry and cheese at the same time and calm down because it’s actually very sweet to celebrate something a bunch of teens were excited about, especially about at a time when so many people in the creative arts aren’t able to do what they’re best at! Tiktok creators and Broadway names coming together to rehearse and film their scenes within 24-36 hours to raise money for out of work actors’…