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  • The Vampire Bat

    The Vampire Bat


    Douglas and Frye (who looks like Robert Pattinson and Daniel Ratcliffe’s swampy son) are absolutely adorable here. a comfortable copycat film, it’s not the best thing ever but I can’t not love it!

    great quote: “the vampire’s dead! i can feel it in my bones!” “well, your bones may be wrong”

    also, Dog-Faced Hermans’ wikipedia says their name came from a Frankestein movie when a lady is talking about her husband turning into a dog but that’s either untrue, misremembered…

  • Zappa



    Far more than a film that simply goes over the what of Zappa’s doings in life, Zappa is a portrait made with broad strokes in observance to the only relationship Zappa had that mattered to him: Zappa and music. And Alex Winter does a fantastic job positing his film with that framework, too. The beginning is what a novice Zappa fan knows of the end: His last ever concert with a guitar. But through the whole of two hours, with the…

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  • Fried Egg

    Fried Egg



    the first half has the same energy as The Final Sacrifice but vastly less interesting and its also very obvious where this short film draws most of its inspiration from but there’s a weird, surreal humor to it all starting around the middle that i very much enjoy.
    its in that middle turn that Fried Egg partially flips the switch and comes into its own, downing its student film nature in one fell swig and vomiting back…

  • An American Pickle

    An American Pickle


    its dumb and there are pacing problems but its also a conversation many modern jews are currently having with themselves and because of that i adore it

    more notes:

    i cried like a bitch towards the end, the kaddish prayer scene. the room was all filled with jews of very obviously different origins and no one cared. they were jews. its so good.