There Will Be Blood ★★★★★

Well, shit. I don’t even think it’s far-fetched to call PTA brilliant at this point. This man is just something else. 

I’ll say the obvious being that the cinematography was stunning, the performances were perfect, and the score was just *chefs kiss*. Daniel Plainview may be one of the most soulless characters I’ve seen grace the screen. He’s an absolute brute with nothing to lose and everything to gain. I think the moments his “humanity” peaked out actually induced fear and I couldn’t sympathize with him in the moment. He’s just one of those people whose fallen way too far down the rabbit hole that you’re no longer capable of offering basic human empathy. With that said, Daniel Day-Lewis really brought this character to life. From start to finish, I couldn’t look away. His character was just so well-crafted and perfectly performed. An unexpected standout to me was Paul Dano. I mean, the scene in the church (with the old woman and Daniel’s baptism) was so unnerving. AND THOSE LAST 20 MINUTES??! Got damn. Yeah. Just got damn. 

Glad I finally got around to watching this and I completely understand why it’s widely praised. Now, I think I have to watch Phantom Thread this week.

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