A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★

A Quiet Place has quite a concept that if done right could have easily propelled this horror into "great" territory, but instead it's held back by a shoddy director and some other problems.

I was pretty surprised to find out that this film isn't John Krasinski's feature debut (it's his third time directing), as that's what I was originally attributing the film's lack of confidence to. There are a lot of moments that hit for me, but for every moment that does, there's a shot of a whiteboard that actually says "WHAT IS THE WEAKNESS" five minutes away, or a shot that shows the well designed creature a little bit longer than it should, or a scene with the incredibly unnecessary score.

The performances are all great, especially Emily Blunt and Millicent Simmonds's. I just have trouble caring about the parents in particular, based on how incredibly irresponsible it is for them to bring a baby into this world, effectively endangering their children ten fold.

For as much as they want you to believe this family has the post apocalyptic world down to a science, by the end of over 400 days they still seem to miss out on things even the audience can come up with in less than 90 minutes. This is a movie where you can easily dismantle the concept (or at least, the movie's utilization of it) by endlessly nitpicking it to death, and I just shudder at the fact that Cinema Sins probably had a field day with this one...

But I have to offer just one nitpick, only because it very much applies to, and deflates what is supposed to be the emotional moment of the movie: What is stopping these characters from throwing literally anything to distract the creatures? Or even just making a loud sound in one spot, then scurrying away? We see characters taking the distraction route in more roundabout ways earlier, but for some reason they struggle to take it to a very obvious next step. Just have a pouch full of ~literally anything to throw~ and... throw them. At least throw away from yourself the damn axe that's in your hands!

Apparently there's a sequel coming and honestly I'm all for it; the potential was definitely there. Whether or not Krasinski does it, I really hope they don't continue where this one left off. That last shot didn't sit right with me either and I'd prefer not to see whatever that scene was about to turn into.

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