The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

Only someone like Yorgos Lanthimos could pull this film. In the hands of any other director it would probably be decent, but Lanthimos integrates a dark style of humor into each scene, making the film feel self-deprecating at times. It's an oddly comedic film, with the writing and stellar performances being the focal point.

Each actor gives it their all, with the three leads giving some of the greatest performances of this year. I haven't seen Olivia Coleman in much, but here she really shines. Her line delivery is on point, and she does a great job at portraying the frail but easily irritable Queen Anne. Emma Stone adds another great performance to her repertoire, portraying Abigail Masham, an individual who tries to gain the queen's respect. Stone perfectly portrays the very deceitful character, and it was really interesting to see how her character progressed throughout the film. Stone's character frequently buts heads with Sarah Churchill, played by Rachel Weiss. Both have great chemistry together, but being foes, they show an unconditional hatred toward each other. The performances across the board were great, with the lead actresses performances being the standouts in my opinion.

If there's one aspect about the film that blew me away, it was the camerawork. The film captures the feeling of a period piece, but in some scenes uses fisheye lenses and unique movement techniques, giving the film a unique look. In away, it helps to contribute to the off kilter humor that Yorgos Lanthimos brings to this film, and it's an aspect that I greatly enjoyed.

Overall, The Favourite has some great writing and acting, with the final product being not your typical period piece. Sure the pacing is a bit rough at times, and the style of writing may not be for everyone, but I would highly suggest it for those sick oftypical period pieces

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