Mank ★★★★

David Fincher's MANK (2020) is Fincher doing something entirely new we've never seen from the neurotic director before. While every camera angle, blocking, frame and actor movement is still very stringent and in control, and every written line rolls off the tongue in rapid remarks, as we have come to expect from the filmmaker, MANK showcases a new side of Fincher. A mellow, laid-back attitude towards filmmaking and storytelling that rather compares to the wits of the Coen Brothers rather than the possessed mind of Kubrick. This chronicle of Herman J. Mankiewicz life and career, set around the writing of Welles' CITIZEN KANE (1941), lives and breathes Hollywood and the power that resides within the walls of La La Land. It's a testament to filmmaking, its beauty, its politics and its powerful devices whether it is its ability to change the course of history, or in the case of Mank, provide an excuse to pour another drink. Absorb the black-and-grey images and listen to the crisp sound of 1930's monaural mix, make your way through the Hollywood Studios' backlots and bathe in the aura of stars and starlets, as MANK reminds us of pure movie magic.

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