Suicide Squad ★★★½

Probably one of the most entertaining movies of the year.
It's superfun! and also a good superhero film. top class.

And, yes. I like that fact that DCU is a dark world.
And, yes. This is mostly a movie about Harley Quinn.
Margot Robbie is insanely hot and insanely insane as Joker's girl.
I was mesmerized by this psycho killer in hot pants.

The rest of the crew is also well casted and well played, and some characters really stand out, like Deadshot, while others are just completely sided, like Boomerang.

Action scenes are pretty impressive and visual effects high standard. Some problems with the script, some characters which come and go, like Joker, and some questionable motivations, but still, a fun exciting ride of a movie.

Batman and Flash make small cameos, and wait for the bonus scene after the credits.